The Best Sales and Marketing Techniques Have Been Around For Thousands Of Years

31 Aug

History always repeats itself. Want to know why? Because history is the story of humans struggling to achieve wealth. Sometimes we achieve it in a win-win environment when everybody gets wealthy. Most of the time it's achieved in a zero-sum game, where one man's wealth is another man's loss. Because human emotions, our psychology and what drives us, hasn't changed over the aeons, the way these stories play out is pretty much the same, over and over again.

 In the earliest years of the Internet it was widely believed (contrary to fact) that websites, by their very existence, could function as advertising. Put up a website and the world would beat a path to your online door. This misconception caused many heartaches, because advertisements are offers that you see accidentally - when you aren't looking for them. A website is like a billboard in the wilderness. No one knows it's there unless they learn of it somewhere else and go looking for it. In those early days one had to advertise offline to bring customers to one's website. Of course, offline advertising still works - you see website addresses in offline advertising all the time now. You see them on television, in magazines, in newspapers - almost anywhere you look. There is though a form of advertising that works for online marketing. Read about viral marketing stuff at

Today people go online to look for information. And they find what they are looking for by using a search engine. There are thousands of search engines online, but the most commonly used ones are Google, Yahoo, and MSN. These folks discovered that they could sell advertising space on the "results" pages that their search engines generated. Not only that, but through the use of "keywords", the terms people type into the search engines, they could present the visitor with ads that bore a useful relationship to what the visitor was seeking, learn more here!

At Google, for instance, you will see them at the top of the results page and in a column off to the right. They are listed as "sponsored ads" or Google Ads, depending on where you see them. Few people go looking online for advertising, but anyone using the search engines finds them anyway - and they are very effective in bringing interested visitors to the sites that use the internet to advertise - and this makes for good online marketing.

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